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Email your questions to misterx@kfatradio.com and they will be answered and posted here as well as addressed on the air.

Why KFAT Radio?


(Mister X responding)

During a program I had played a theme song and I was going to lead in with an introduction of "Superman" and when I asked if anyone knew why I had played that music, Big B chimed in with "because I'm so fat". So I turned that into KFAT Radio. Listeners would be referred to, affectionately, as "fatties". Oddly enough, it hasn't worked out that way and now we are getting requests for people who want to have "X" names.


What is your plan for the show?

(Mister X responding)


There is no plan, per se. It is simply to talk, enjoy and
entertain. Most importantly, I hope at some point you think. The old cliché’
knowledge is power is about as profound as you get. So question your thoughts,
ideas and more importantly, those that are “given” to you by others. Do not
accept what is main-stream and expand your mind by allowing it to accept alternative notions and possibilities.


What is Mister X’s real name? 

Almost all of my friends call me X or Mr. X, my family calls me by my father’s name, some by my grandfather’s name. My real first name is never used; it is not on any credit cards, titles, formal documentation.


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